Repairs & Restorations

We repair gold, platinum, and silver.

That sentimental piece will be treated as the special piece it is.

Repair versus Restoration

Many use the terms, repair and restoration, interchangeably. There is a difference.

Repair, is when an item is fixed. You may see some signs of the original damage. For example, if you ran over a wide bracelet with figures on it, the bracelet can be reshaped and polished. After it is repaired, it will fit well and look very good, but on very close inspection you may notice a slight indentation on the rim. Also, a few details on the figures may not be as fine in detail.

Restoration, is when an item is practically brought back to its original form. The slight indentation on the rim will be worked and possibly filled in and the detail on the figures will be hand engraved and worked.

A repair may take a few hours whereas the restoration may take days to complete. There will be a major price difference. On some items restoration cannot even be done. We recommend “repair” on items. We rarely do restoration work.


Jewelry should be cleaned and inspected once a year and if a problem is found you should bring it in as soon as possible to prevent it from getting worse. Taking good care of your jewelry will allow it to hold it's value.

Silver Owl has the expertise and the specific equipment required to help you maintain your most precious possessions.

Our projects

We can resize rings, repair chains, clean and polish items to look new again. We have had many challenging projects over the years, and we do our best to restore your items to a state that can be enjoyed for generations.

Repair Before

Silver Bracelet run over by car.

Repair After

Repair by the experts at Silver Owl!